Florent Nihoul 

Visiting Scientist

M.Sc., Environmental Genomics, University of Perpignan

B.Sc., Marine Ecology & Animal Biology, University of LeHavre


My research investigates the effects of PCB and PAH in brain cells of the marine teleost Fundulus heteroclitus.


Contact: florent.nihoul@gmail.com


Additionally, I am the 'official' phtographer of the laboratory. you can see my collection of RSMAS images here. You may also visit my FLICKR accont here


Florent will begin a PhD in Fall 2015, co-advised by the laboratory of Stress Environnementaux et Bio-surveillance des milieux aquatiques (SEBIO-INERIS 02, Le Havre, France)  and the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (UMR BOREA, CNRS 7208, Université Paris VI (UPMC)). 




Robert, A., B. Rocher, F. Nihoul, T. Monsinjon, F. Le Foll, and T. Knigge. "A convenient device for xenobiotic dosing and haemolymph sampling in Carcinus maenas (Portunidae, Decapoda)." Journal of Xenobiotics 4, no. 2 (2014).