HHMI   B I O L O G Y   L A B O R A T O R Y - BIL 152


Faculty:  Margie Oleksiak

-Email: moleksiak@rsmas.miami.edu


Course not offered during Spring Semesters


T. A.: TBD

-Email: TBD


Udg. T.A.: TBD

-Email: TBD


Time: TBD

Section: TBD 

Location: TBD


Laboratory exercises to accompany BIL 150. Students teams engage in an inquiry-based laboratory research project related to genetics and genetic variation.

Course Material

Laboratory 4

Laboratory 5



Bioinformatic Tools

-Identification Websites: nBlastBold

-Bioinformatics: Finch TVMega X, DNAs

-Online Tools: Clustal W

Laboratory 6


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