M A R I N E   G E N O M I C S   &  C O N S E R V A T I O N

Marine genomics and Conservation Gentics group of 2014. Front: Tayla Fortson, Tammy Burton, Margie Oleksiak, Joaquin Nunez, Megan Fraser. Back: Trent Seale, Doug Crawford. 



Commonly offered on spring terms, marine genomics and conservation genetics is a compound class (6 credits) that focuses on providing students with hands on research experience. The class uses DNA technology to understand population and species diversity in marine ecosystems as well as address relevant questions about  conservation biology. The class encompases both a lecture and a laboratory components. The laboratory component includes 3 phases of work: Bench (Laboratory) work, field workd and Data analysis using bioinformatic tools.


One of the main goals of the class is to produce a scientific manuscript or journal publication concerning the research conducted during the semester*.


*The class grants a writting (W) credit.

The 2014 group collecting samples in the Florida Keys.