Tammy LaBerge 

Visiting Scientist

Ph.D., Marine Biology and Fisheries, University of Miami

M.Sc., Zoology, University of British Columbia 

B.Sc., Zoology, Simon Fraser University


I am currently investigating the effects of hypoxia on genome wide genetic variation in the teleost fish Fundulus heteroclitus.  I am also investigating promoter polymorphisms among individuals for physiologically canalized and non-canalized genes.






Funhe-Evol.org - Laboratory of Marine Genomics at the University of Miami

Principal Investigators: Dr. Marjorie Oleksiak & Dr. Douglas Crawford

                                             ´╗┐´╗┐Conatct Information: moleksiak@rsmas.miami.edu or dcrawford@rsmas.miami.edu                                             

Updated: 2016